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Tour de Jogja Bike fest 2013

Race TypeRace DateDurationRace LocationRegisterRace Photos
Road - Road race 5 Oct 2013 2 days Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta City, Special District of Yogyakarta, Republic of Indonesia
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Race Description

  Bike Fest will be held in Yogyakarta, with theme TOUR de JOGJA BIKE FEST 2013. Purpose of this event is to foster sense of Brotherhood, Unity and Sportsmanship, and also for bikers who want to feel the warmth and hospitality of nature in Yogyakarta and its surroundings with cycling, D.I. Yogyakarta Tourism Agency in cooperation with PT. Citra Gentari Indonesia as event organizer, inviting to cycling together with Mrs. Nurhayati (former Indonesia National Racer) in the event TOUR de JOGJA 2013 170km and 130 km, which will be held on 5 to 6 October 2013, with the route of Yogyakarta - Central Java and the surrounding areas.   Participants were divided into 3 (three) categories according to the classification speed: Fast Category, Medium Category, and Normal Category. For respectively category will be lead by a Road Captain, to meet the desires of the participants in the category racing fast, Supplied race on the first day of 25 km along in the middle of the 170km (before lunch) race for Nurhayati Cup Trophy.   Nurhayati Cup Race participants will be divided into two categories, IRR ( Individual Road Race) and TTT (Team Time Trial).   For IRR category, Winner is determined by the fastest time to reach the finish line, and for TTT category race is followed by min 5 bikers max 8 bikers per Bike team, the winner is determined by the team who finish in one group simultaneously (not to be separated, enter finish line with min 5 bikers) time taken from the 5th biker and the best time is the winner.  

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